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May Waver

Ed Atkins

Hito Steyerl

Katja Novitskova

Juno Calypso

Jacolby Satterwhite

Essena O'Neill

"Quitting perfect life on social media" as though it was a real thing. How can you quit something that didn't even exist, to begin with? 

What she did quit, however, was the illusion of satisfaction.  

You can never be satisfied when it comes to approval because there's always a higher number. Because what you really want is your own approval. 

Alexandra Marzella

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Kim Laughton - bear

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Prue Stent

Sketchbook ideas

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Petra Collins


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Arvida Byström

  • As part of a performance opening the exhibition, the artist became her own physical subject matter, implanting 30 NFC chips under her skin – a procedure she describes as pragmatically useless, but similar to tattooing as a form of non-verbal communication. “Each chip looks like a big grain of rice, and they can only be activated with an NFC reader, such as a phone,” Byström continues. “In Sweden, you can put your public transport card on it, for example, and just use that like you would an Oyster card. Inserting 30 chips is extremely unnecessary from a practical point of view. I put little messages on mine, or links to photos, which you can read out with a phone.” The performance, Byström argues, is both a metaphor for technological domination and a subtly affectionate tribute to the irrepressible desire humans have to express themselves creatively.’ []

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Molly soda

Laure Prouvost


Bill Viola/ Michelangelo - Life Death Rebirth (Royal Academy of Arts)

Franz West (Tate Modern)

Beatrice Gibson Crone Music (Camden arts Centre)


— We are overwhelmed in a world of created perfectionism, where we are all trying to reach an unattainable level, yet we don’t really realize the effort put into creating an “effortless” facade. Creating these facades and these alternate personas can become addicting. 

— Since when did a number come to define someone’s worth among society? Since when did having the minimum number of 1k followers matter so much? Since when do you delete a photo if you do not get enough “likes”? So many people are staring at numbers, and they stare back like a reflection in the mirror, taunting his or her self-worth. - It's funny how most of the pictures have now been removed from the internet. It makes me feel hopeless about this issue.




Storytelling on steriods

I Love Dick - Chris Kraus

The Power of Now - Eckhart Tolle